Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Importance of Pruning

Tree pruning can help your favorite gentle giants stay healthy and safe and can create a beautiful form that you just won’t get by letting them grow naturally. Below we will explain the best times of year to prune and why pruning is important to your trees.

What is pruning? It’s the process of trimming a tree, plant or bush to remove the dead foliage. Doing so creates a healthy, attractive tree that grows properly.

Summer Pruning 
Timing your summer pruning is a matter of knowing when spring growth is over. If you trim too soon, you'll eliminate vital leaves that help your trees grow. Wait until your trees are fully leaved and flowering before doing any trimming.

After Damaging Storms 
Whenever you have a major storm, you should inspect your trees for damaged limbs and branches. Cut off any damaged parts of the tree to ensure that your family is safe from suddenly falling limbs!

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